Monday, May 19, 2008


I placed an order for photo printing today and wanted to share some pictures from this month that make me smile...

I was a little behind in getting the chalkboard calendar in the utility room changed over from April. One day as I was walking through, I caught Kevin standing on a barstool and changing it over for me. I love how he added the smiley faces on each side of May. :) Have you ever heard me call Kevin "Weirdo"??? This is why...
We were enjoying a night at the Bats baseball game in Louisville.

I'm not sure if this next picture makes me smile or cry. This is Blake - my NINE year old - showing off his new pair of shoes. They are a size SEVEN in Men's!!!!! He's already taller than my shoulder. At least it makes him smile!
We enjoyed a day trip to visit my mother-in-law. The boys love the lake in her backyard. We had a great afternoon of fishing. Kevin caught three and Tom tried to get him to kiss the first one. Blake caught a fish, too. I would have smiled like this if I had caught one. I just had a turtle chasing my bobber around!
We tagged along for Kevin's kindergarten field trip to the zoo. We wisely invested a quarter in the massage chairs toward the end of our "hike". Kevin loved it. I wish we had more quarters...I would have done it, too!
Finally, here's a self-portrait of me and Blake. I'm happy he isn't making a crazy face in this one. I guess I can look at this and smile since it's likely a peek into the future. Once he bypasses me in height, I'm sure he'll continue to bend down for me!
I love having two boys!

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