Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Update...

Another weekend has come and gone, but once again we had an enjoyable (yet busy!) one.

Friday started off with Muffins for Moms at Kevin's school. It was nice to have breakfast with just Kevin. (His mouth was full when I snapped this self portrait!) We had some time to walk around the school and he showed me where his art journal was on display. His submitted journal is what earned him his spot in the art club. (We're so proud of him! He loves art!)

Friday night, we attended the Homecoming game at the local high school. It's always fun when the home team wins.

Saturday morning we did our first ever yard sale. It was work all the preparation time we put in. Kevin was my big helper and stayed with me for the full four hours.

Saturday also marked the one year anniversary since my thyroid surgery. I'm very impressed with the results of my surgery and also with how well my scar has healed.

The photos on the left from top-to-bottom show me the day of surgery, one week post-op and one month post op. The large photo on the right was taken on Saturday - one year post-op.

That evening we went to Reese's 2nd birthday party.

She's a crazy girl!

Of course, we got to see Rhett, too.

He was wearing a "party animal" sleeper!

We finished off our weekend by baking a homemade apple pie.

Om nom nom... It was delicious!'s back to school and work for another week...

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Visit...

My family went to visit the new baby in the family on Sunday.

I love him...

My boys love him, too!I think my boys look at Rhett and imagine fun times teaching him baseball. I'm looking forward to many more photo ops in their future.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Perfect Saturday...

Today was the perfect day! Although we woke up to rain, that soon cleared off and the sun came out. This afternoon we went to one of our favorite fall spots to pick up items for our fall display.

Our boys are a bit big for the straw maze that they have up every year, but still enjoy the thrill of finding just the perfect pumpkin. Reluctantly, Blake poses in pictures for me...

It's hard to keep Kevin from making a crazy face in photos. (Below was take 2...)
Although the farm adds new decorations and displays each year, we still enjoy going back to a few favorites for photos. The huge jack-o-lantern is one of my favorites! (Both boys still fit inside it - for now!)I wish I could just load up all the mums to bring home with me. Love them!

Blake has turned into quite the helper. With his growing height has come a lot of strength, too. (This comes in handy at home for me a lot!)
Kevin can be a big help, too.
We ended up with a great assortment of pumpkins for our fall display. I think both boys want to carve two pumpkins each this Halloween. After working so hard selecting our items and then loading them up, the guys took a drink break. While Tom enjoyed a root beer, the boys went with Grape sodas.
And then it was...(drum roll, please...) SELF-PORTRAIT TIME!!!

Tom and I noticed an extra in our shot...
So, we made sure no one (Blake!) was left out of our family self-portrait. I love these guys!

But, that wasn't the end of my day. This evening, I found another guy to love.
I'd like to introduce you to my new nephew, Rhett. He was born just after 7 pm this evening. He's a little guy - 6lbs. 13 oz. and 19-1/2" - but perfectly healthy.I am so happy for my sister, Lindsey.I can't wait for the boys to meet him!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Missing Baseball...

As we prepare to attend the high school football game tonight, I'm reminded that baseball season is over. Actually, Little League is over for Blake. I miss baseball. We did enjoy his summer with the all-star team.

I loved seeing him pitch on our home field during a local tournament.

He gets so focused and into his game.
It's hard to believe that eight years ago, I wasn't a fan of baseball. Thanks to this kid (and the one that would follow three years later), I now live for baseball season!Blake sure doesn't hold back his emotions!

After pitching, he played first for a bit, too. Check out that stretch!
Have I mentioned how much I love this kid? Unfortunately, we took 2nd place in this tournament. But Mom's happy whenever we bring home hardware.
Little League is OFFICIALLY over.

I miss baseball...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vacation Rewind - Great Wolf Lodge...

I have a couple new 2-page layouts to share. I completed them both using the "Happy Camper" line by Imaginisce that I picked up over at Scrappin' {Sports} Stuff. I also used Allison Davis' Sketches for Scrapbooking Volume 8 sketches for both layouts. The photos are from our trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Cincinnati last summer. The boys LOVED our room! (I have to admit, I wasn't overly impressed, but it was cool for a boy.)

Of course, I worked in various alphas for my title.

And, I also completed a 2nd page of the same trip.
The lodge was good about having lots of opportunities for photo ops. I'm ready for another vacation!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Blake joined Cub Scouts in first grade. Since then, Tuesday nights have been our dedicated Scout night. 18 months ago, Blake moved up to Boy Scouts and we are amazed at the change it has made in his life. He's become so much more responsible and really matured a lot.

Last month, at his Troop's Court of Honor, he was awarded SEVEN merit badges and that he had worked towards and completed over the summer. We were so proud of all of his hard work. Blake is also a Patrol Leader and Historian for his Troop.

It's hard to believe that one month from today our boy will turn 13. Where does the time go?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Let's Go Pick Apples...

My boys go through a bag of apples in a very short time. They inhale them. Last week I realized it was apple picking time and suggested to Tom that we visit Huber's over in Indiana a month earlier than usual just to pick apples. (We go every October.) Saturday was a busy day, but we still planned to go.

Early Saturday, I took Kevin to his school's festival and then he went with Tom to sell popcorn at a local truck stop with Scouts. I stayed home to help Blake work on a school project. Later, we met up and headed over to Indiana. It was a slightly overcast day, but the weather was perfect. The best part was that the crowds were nowhere near what we were used to in October.

We made the winery our first stop and Tom and I both enjoyed their wine tasting. We each tried 8 different wines. (I have a few new ones to add to my favorites list now!) It was fun. We bribed the boys with icecream if they stayed away from the bar and let us enjoy ourselves.

So...our next stop was the icecream and cheese stop. Kevin enjoyed a scoop (yes, that is a SINGLE scoop in the photograph!) of Blueberry icecream. Blake went with Pumpkin. I had a scoop of Pumpkin Nut in a cup. Yum!I left the store with a few cheeses, too - Asiago, Indiana Havarti, Indiana Smoked Gouda and some kind of hot pepper cheese (but I can't remember the name). Upon leaving the store, Kevin had to stop and ride the cow out front.You've heard me say it before - he's not right!

Next stop...the apple orchard! We took a wagon ride out there. The boys picked Red Delicious and Golden Delicious apples. Then I found the Jonathan section. I liked them best. I also like taking self-portraits with my boys. The boys are both in the "let's-give-Mom-a-good-smile-and-get-this-over-with-stage." They realized if I get a good smile on the first try that I'll quit taking pictures!Another self-portrait - different boy...Tom snapped this photo of me and B. Unfortunately he caught Blake in mid-blink, but I still love this photo. It's likely one of the last of B before he towers over me. We are about neck-and-neck height-wise right now. And let's not forget a self-portrait of me and Tom on the wagon ride back... RIGHT after I took this photo of the boys, it started to drizzle on us. Then it picked up. It was a downpour by the time we made it back to the marketplace to pay for our apples. WE WERE SOAKED! Tom said it was his favorite part of the day. It was fun, but a bit cold.We finished off our great day with a stop at a mall in Louisville. We had a nice dinner and the boys visited Dick's Sporting Goods. I think they have some good ideas for their birthday wish lists now. I can't believe this fall I will have a teenager and a kid in "double digits" (that's a big deal for a boy!). That's my weekend in pictures. Have a great week!