Sunday, September 11, 2011

Let's Go Pick Apples...

My boys go through a bag of apples in a very short time. They inhale them. Last week I realized it was apple picking time and suggested to Tom that we visit Huber's over in Indiana a month earlier than usual just to pick apples. (We go every October.) Saturday was a busy day, but we still planned to go.

Early Saturday, I took Kevin to his school's festival and then he went with Tom to sell popcorn at a local truck stop with Scouts. I stayed home to help Blake work on a school project. Later, we met up and headed over to Indiana. It was a slightly overcast day, but the weather was perfect. The best part was that the crowds were nowhere near what we were used to in October.

We made the winery our first stop and Tom and I both enjoyed their wine tasting. We each tried 8 different wines. (I have a few new ones to add to my favorites list now!) It was fun. We bribed the boys with icecream if they stayed away from the bar and let us enjoy ourselves.

So...our next stop was the icecream and cheese stop. Kevin enjoyed a scoop (yes, that is a SINGLE scoop in the photograph!) of Blueberry icecream. Blake went with Pumpkin. I had a scoop of Pumpkin Nut in a cup. Yum!I left the store with a few cheeses, too - Asiago, Indiana Havarti, Indiana Smoked Gouda and some kind of hot pepper cheese (but I can't remember the name). Upon leaving the store, Kevin had to stop and ride the cow out front.You've heard me say it before - he's not right!

Next stop...the apple orchard! We took a wagon ride out there. The boys picked Red Delicious and Golden Delicious apples. Then I found the Jonathan section. I liked them best. I also like taking self-portraits with my boys. The boys are both in the "let's-give-Mom-a-good-smile-and-get-this-over-with-stage." They realized if I get a good smile on the first try that I'll quit taking pictures!Another self-portrait - different boy...Tom snapped this photo of me and B. Unfortunately he caught Blake in mid-blink, but I still love this photo. It's likely one of the last of B before he towers over me. We are about neck-and-neck height-wise right now. And let's not forget a self-portrait of me and Tom on the wagon ride back... RIGHT after I took this photo of the boys, it started to drizzle on us. Then it picked up. It was a downpour by the time we made it back to the marketplace to pay for our apples. WE WERE SOAKED! Tom said it was his favorite part of the day. It was fun, but a bit cold.We finished off our great day with a stop at a mall in Louisville. We had a nice dinner and the boys visited Dick's Sporting Goods. I think they have some good ideas for their birthday wish lists now. I can't believe this fall I will have a teenager and a kid in "double digits" (that's a big deal for a boy!). That's my weekend in pictures. Have a great week!

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