Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Update...

Another weekend has come and gone, but once again we had an enjoyable (yet busy!) one.

Friday started off with Muffins for Moms at Kevin's school. It was nice to have breakfast with just Kevin. (His mouth was full when I snapped this self portrait!) We had some time to walk around the school and he showed me where his art journal was on display. His submitted journal is what earned him his spot in the art club. (We're so proud of him! He loves art!)

Friday night, we attended the Homecoming game at the local high school. It's always fun when the home team wins.

Saturday morning we did our first ever yard sale. It was work all the preparation time we put in. Kevin was my big helper and stayed with me for the full four hours.

Saturday also marked the one year anniversary since my thyroid surgery. I'm very impressed with the results of my surgery and also with how well my scar has healed.

The photos on the left from top-to-bottom show me the day of surgery, one week post-op and one month post op. The large photo on the right was taken on Saturday - one year post-op.

That evening we went to Reese's 2nd birthday party.

She's a crazy girl!

Of course, we got to see Rhett, too.

He was wearing a "party animal" sleeper!

We finished off our weekend by baking a homemade apple pie.

Om nom nom... It was delicious!'s back to school and work for another week...


Addie said...

Sounds like a good weekend! Your scar has healed so nicely! Love Reece's curls and baby Rhett is so cute! Have a good week!

Lisa in Texas said...

Sounds like you are staying busy! You niece and nephew are so cute! take care!

Melanie said...

Great weekend! Congrats to Kevin on the art club :)

You are a trooper to spend your Saturday doing a garage sale.

And fun for Reese's party--she is so cute, love her curls :)

Did you save some Apple pie for me? LOL