Monday, March 21, 2011

Catching up - mid-March...

Recent warmer weather has kept us outside more lately. The start of spring sports (practices) has added a couple nights of activities to our schedules. I've neglected to add some of our recent events to the blog.

Blake had his cast removed on the 9th. After 5-1/2 weeks, he was happy to have his wrist healed and his right arm back! I still caught him using his left hand for almost everything for a few days though.
The cast came off just in time for him to participate in his last Upwards basketball game. The doctor gave him the OK.
Although he missed both of his free throws (hit the back of the rim), he still scored 16 points. That was a great showing after missing five games though!
It was good to wrap up the season with his team.
In other news...
Hotwheels seem to be one toy that never goes out of style.
Tom and I enjoyed watching the boys play with them in front of the tv one night. I love how they used one of my throws since the tire tracks showed up so well on. I remember playing with Hotwheels as a kid!
Finally, I've always enjoyed having our boys participate in Scouting. But, this year I think they are really understanding the service aspect of it. Kevin is getting to experience a lot of Blake's service activities Blake is now offering to help when Kevin's group participates in one. Last week Blake asked to help when Kevin's pack worked to bag trees for the local extension office. It got pretty messy, but it sure was fun!
I love that spring is here now. Everything is starting to green up and you can see buds on the trees. Our neighbor even mowed over the weekend. I love that smell!
Springtime just warms my heart!

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Melanie said...

16 points is amazing!

What a great post with fun things going on in your life. I can tell how much your boys mean to you.