Monday, March 30, 2009

How can you have 2 boys and not enjoy sports?

With two boys, we stay pretty busy with sports. Sometimes that's just playing ball in the back yard or shooting hoops in the driveway, but often it's also on an organized team. Needless to say, I have more than plenty of sports photos to scrap! Last month, I pulled out some sports-themed scrapbook products and went on a sports-scrappin' spree.

The paper line was an older Love Elsie line by KI Memories. I really didn't have that many sheets of the paper, but it was all double-sided and I had picked up coordinating embellishments on clearance. The paper line went well with kraft cardstock, so I was able to make several layouts.

First I documented a fun tradition in our home. The boys love to fill out NCAA basketball brackets with Tom! These shots are from 2008. Poor Blake thought his team Louisville had a real shot of winning this year, but we watched them barely miss out on going to the Final Four yesterday afternoon. Sorry, Blake! The boys wrapped up basketball season at school at the end of February, but I just got around to scrapping the '08 season. Last year was Kevin's first year getting to play on the community league at school. He'd been sick and missed the practice before the first game when they handed out uniforms, so he was wearing a plain white shirt at the first game. He stood out in the pictures nicely though!
After a few years of taking pictures of Blake in sports, I've finally realized that I don't need shots from EVERY game. After a while, they all look alike anyway! I did much better with my photos from Kevin's basketball season last year. I was able to finish up his season with just a 2-page layout.I pulled out Blake's 2007 basketball pics. I've put off scrapping them because his team had PURPLE shirts! There aren't many sports-themed products out there with purple in them, so I kept these pages simple with just basketball felt accents.

While looking for more sports photos, I decided that photos from last year's field day at school would match the products I was using. It was fun to see how Kevin had changed in less than a year. Good memories, too. He was the 3rd fastest boy in his Kindergarten class last year.
Seeing his classmates play tug-o-war was another fun memory!
Last year the school had a different day of the week for each grade's field day. That gave me the opportunity to enjoy the events with both boys. It was fun on Blake's day to see him participate in EVERYTHING. He did great and really enjoyed his popsickle reward.
And how can I scrap 'sports' in our house without including baseball? These shots are from fall league 2006. Last but not least is one of my favorite memories from 2008. We went to visit my grandmother on her 85th birthday and somehow she and Kevin ended up playing "ball" with an exercise ball in her kitchen.
After all of these pages, I still had some scraps left over, but I was itching to move on to birthday pictures. I'll get them posted later.
The boys are on spring break now, so we are getting ready to head out for a fun day in town. Unfortunately we won't have the best weather this week.

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Amy said...

I love these pages. I have tons of sport pages so it is always neat to see what others do with the photo's that they take.