Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Happy Mother's Day...

I had a wonderful Mother's Day!Dressed for Kevin's baseball tournament, the boys presented me with my gifts. I had handmade cards from both of them and an whole envelope full of goodies Kevin made for me at school.

Tom helped them shop, too. They gave me a gift certificate for a massage, a bookmark, and the new Charlaine Harris book, Dead in the Family.
My favorite gifts were the handmade ones though. I almost cried earlier in the week when Blake gave me his windsock he'd made at school with an oatmeal container. With him starting middle school in the fall, I figure this will likely be my last handmade school project/gift. It's says I {heart} Mom and has hands with both boys' names on it. I'm taking it to work to hang over my desk.
Kevin's gift just makes me smile. It really shows how creative this kid is! At Cub Scouts, they made clay insects and decorated them with nails, washers, screws and even forks. My favorite is the blue "mohawk" bug with a mohawk of nails running down the center of its head and back. The "teeth" in its smiling mouth are hilarious. The bee is precious with it's fork legs and fork handle wings. It even has a "stinger" sticking out of the butt!

Kevin also added to making my Mother's Day special by getting a win for me this morning! His team lost the second game though, and we were out of the tournament.

Tomorrow night we'll be cheering Blake on in a league game. Go Tigers!

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Melanie said...

Happy Mother's Day! So glad to hear you had such a wonderful day--you deserve it :)