Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh what a night!

After all the rain we had this past weekend, I wasn't counting on the boys having their scheduled baseball games tonight. However, thanks to a warm sunny day and a group of determined workers down at the ballpark, the two fields the boys were scheduled to play on tonight were ready for games.
Luckily the games were scheduled back-to-back so I could see them both. Kevin's game at 6:30 was a struggle to watch. 3-up, 3-down for the first two innings! Ugh. We were down 4-0, but FINALLY came back to win it 6-4.
Then it was off to Blake's game at 7:30 on the next field. They started about 10 minutes late. We he walked off the field right at 10 p.m.!!!
I think I held my breath the last HOUR of the game!
Blake's team was 0-2 going into tonight's game. They took a good lead right from the start. Then, in the top of the 4th, the other team came back to tie at 7. We were home, so we had last bat. With Blake on 3rd, I thought for sure he'd score the winning run. But then the batter got the 3rd out.
Into extra innings we went. No runs from either side in the 5th. Or 6th. It was the bottom of the 7th and we had one out and two runners on bases. Blake stepped up to the plate and hit the winning run in.
Yes, MY kid did that. This kid:

And you should all be so proud of me because I didn't cry even though I was so proud that I could have. You should have seen his face and all the kids jumping up and hugging each other...and chest bumping! If I had had my camera with me, I would show you...but it was in the truck.

Oh, and I learned a new term tonight, too. That thing Blake did - hitting the run in to win the game...that's called a walk off single. I think I learn something new on each trip to the ballpark!


Lenore said...

Don't you just LOVE baseball?! I was at the fields last night, too. My oldest had his first game, which they came back to win, also! (Yesterday was a beautiful day, fortunately. We woke up to snow this AM!) What a great story about your son; TOO BAD the camera wasn't in hand!!! Have a great day.

deana said...

Don't you just hate when something like that happens & you don't have the camera?! (Or like I did the other day... had the camera, but forgot to put the battery back in after I charged it!)

Wow... what a fun & memorable moment for him!


Star Rork said...

lol, so cool! Your such a devoted sports mom.....& boy Blake is getting big!

Lynette said...

Do your boys know how lucky they are to have such a cool "sporty" mom?

Melanie said...

This sounds like such a fun night! That is so exciting about Blake hitting in the winning run!

Bekka said...

You have to love how changes in KY weather come out of nowhere. :)