Monday, August 31, 2009

Great Weekend

This weekend Tom and I took the boys to see Michael Jackson live in concert.

No was the Jackson 5.

No...five Michael Jacksons??? Actually, it was a performer named "Christopher" (no last name). He provided entertainment at the Louisville Bats minor league baseball game Saturday night. And yes, it was as disturbing in person as the photo makes it appear. The live person was in the center attached to the fake Michaels by poles. Whatever movements he'd make were also made by the dummies as he lip synced Jackson songs. It got old fast. But, we didn't let the in-between-innings entertainment spoil our night. (The cotton candy made up for that!)
While at the concession stand, Kevin met mascot Buddy Bat. However, I didn't have my camera with me since I'd be carrying back food. So, later I staged a shot of Kevin with Buddy. See...he's one level below us and on the visitor's dugout. Kevin loves Buddy Bat!
Tom and Blake enjoyed the game most. Our team lost, but they still made the postseason. It was hard to get a shot of Blake with him looking at the camera and not the game!Oh's proof that I was at the game, too! Unfortunately, no one tells Mom when her hair is standing up all crazy. I wonder how long it had been like that?

My favorite shot of the night was taken on our walk to the ballpark from the parking garage. We happened to be walking all side by side and the sun was behind us. AFter years of thinking about getting a shot like this, I finally did. Tom thinks I'm the most creative person in the world. I don't want to disappoint him and point out that I've seen countless scrapbook pages with a similar shot on them.

Should I tell him?


Addie said...

The first picture is a little disturbing! lol! I love the shot of the field and the sunset! Great one of your shadows too! No, don't tell him!

Melanie said...

YOu crack me up! Love the photos and the story you shared. And, no, don't disappoint Tom by telling him.

deana said...

How fun to see "Michael(s)!" :-)

Your hair story reminds me of the time we were in Chicago one summer. It was blazin' hot & humid & I was trying to blot my extremely sweaty face with a Kleenex. What I didn't realize until much later when I caught my reflection in the restroom mirror, was that the tissue was leaving behind little white dust-like pieces on my face. I said to my husband, "Why didn't you tell me I had this all over my face?" He said, "I thought it was your makeup." I said, "Yes, because I ALWAYS wear white powdered makeup, so I can understand your confusion." LOL! He's usually a lot more observant than that... must have been the heat?!

Have a great week! :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL - You are too funny! Isn't it great when our family doesn't tell us things like that.

Love that shadow photo. It's one of my most favorite types of pictures to take. I might have to dig mine out and scrap it. Oh, and don't tell Tom. A little mystery is good!!

Lindsey said...

LOVE your last picture!!! I miss going to baseball games!!