Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Update - May 21-23

Friday my boy left me.
The big one - Blake.He's a Boy Scout now and that means he'll have a camp out once a month. This month they were working on a Pioneer merit badge. They built a tower. (Yes, that's Kevin in the tent photo - checking out the site on Saturday. That was when he stopped in to check on Blake with Tom. And just happened to mention we'd gone to Cracker Barrel for breakfast!)It was weird not having Blake home this weekend.
Kevin was invited to a birthday party on Saturday. It was only the coolest party ever! It was AT the Louisville Bats baseball game! Tom and I bought tickets to go, too.That's Kevin and his friend Cooper, the birthday boy. They played all-stars together last summer and are on a travel team (the Slam) together this year.Part of the birthday package included a ticket to pitch four balls. Kevin's top speed was 37 mph. The foam finger was an extra bonus. Kevin is obsessed with foam fingers and always wants us to buy him one. (We won't.) Going into the park, a man reached over and handed one to him. He was the happiest kid at the game Saturday!
And finally pick up time on Sunday arrived.Welcome home, Boo! Mosquito bites and all.


The last FULL WEEK of school starts today. Then we'll finish up next Tuesday and Wednesday. Come on, Summer Break!


deana said...

Mosquitoes... must be summer. Those look like huge welts, rather than bites. I'm sure he's quite itchy! :-(

Hope you have a great week, Amy, and thanks for the sweet birthday wishes!


Lindsey said...

Poor guy, those mosquito bites look awful! I am the same way though...I get bit up like crazy. It is so annoying! Sounds like y'all had a great weekend though!

Melanie said...

The game looks like a blast--how fun he finally got a foam finger :)

Those mosquito bites look awful! Poor Blake!

Anonymous said...

Oh no those bites!! I can totally relate right now. We went to a park on Saturday and I got eaten alive on my feet. They are really swollen today. Poor thing!