Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happenings around here...

It's July already??? That means my summer is halfway over.

July will bring weekend tournaments (likely every weekend) for Kevin's all-star team. Now that we have the pop-up canopy, it should be more bearable. I am going to try to enjoy every moment of the summer vacation that we have left. I love spending time with my boys.

Kevin and I have been playing a lot of Sorry and Trouble lately. I don't think Blake likes playing with us. Tom doesn't. We tend to gang up on him!

This week we ventured to the dentist in the town where we used to live. Yes, it's been 6-1/2 years since we moved, but I can't stand the thought of changing dentists! I stopped in a little store over there (where Tom used to buy his suits) and picked up a nice little necklace and earring set for myself. They have the best deals on these things. Unfortunately, that night when I was getting ready to put it away, I went to try it on again and two of the three strands came out of the claspy-thing (I'm so technical, right?) and beads went flying down my sink! I have everything else scooped up into a baggy. The store said they'd try to get another one just like it for me. If not, they'll exchange it.

I've been reading a lot this week and making the boys do the same. I am now impatiently waiting until August 24! I read "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. I really didn't think I'd like it, but was encouraged by one of the librarians at school to give it a chance. Oh was amazing! I had to stop by school to get the second book on Tuesday to read. I almost couldn't put it down. Tonight after dinner I finished it. These books literally grab you and you don't want to put them down. The second one left me hanging. I almost wish I hadn't read the first two before #3 came out!

Speaking of dinner...
I hit my hydrangea bushes up again. I have fresh flowers in our formal dining room, in a mason jar on the mantle and now in a small bud vase in the kitchen, too. They make me smile.

I also decided that tonight we'd have dinner in the formal dining room. And eat on the good china. Why not? I'm going to enjoy it. Blake said it made him feel special when they get to eat off "the fancy stuff." That made me smile, too.

And finally, I have a layout to share from yesterday. I put my book down long enough to create one page. Blake had the craziest hair while swimming last summer. I used American Crafts' "Heat Wave" line for this one.
That is our week so far.
Happy July!


deana said...

Loving the waves, umbrella & clouds... ADORABLE!

Cute necklace, too!

Hope you have a GREAT 4th weekend, Amy! :-)

Addie said...

Those pop-up canopies are a must for baseball! So far we've used ours for rain & sun!

Love the necklace! Hopefully they'll get you a new one!

I just went to the library today to get a book for our trip. I may have to go back tomorrow before we leave and see if they have #1! Thanks for the review!

The hydrangeas are beautiful! I use to have a few bushes that my grandparents had planted years ago, but we had to build the new house there so we lost them. I really miss them. I had quite a variety of colors too.

I think it's great that you ate on the good china! Not exactly sure what we're saving the good stuff for anyway!:)

Cute layout! Love the clouds! Have a great 4th!

Melanie said...

Your flowers look beautiful! My hydrangeas aren't blooming yet. It hasn't been warm enough.

I'm really enjoying Hunger Games right now. Guess I won't hurry to finish it so I'll have time to finish #2 right about when #3 comes out :)

Love that LO!