Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend Update (4th of July holiday)...

I knew this weekend was going to be a busy one, so I had to fit in a little scrap time on Friday! I finished this layout of pics from our Spring Break day trip to Frankfort. I used new Bo Bunny products. I kept the layout simple...On Saturday, Kevin's team played in pool play in a local baseball tournament. They looked sharp in their new uniforms! Saturday they wore navy.Kevin was 6 for 6 at bat in the two games. We won both of them! I love watching this kid run bases, he's so fast!Saturday night, I went to the movie with my sister Kaitlin to see Eclipse. We had fun going out together, but I wish I'd saved my $8 and waited to rent it at Red Box in a few months. It was not a good movie! Sorry Twihards...I loved the books, but the movies...ehhh not so much.
While fixed up (ok...cleaned up after the ballpark!), I took a new head shot of myself. I need one to submit with my submission for a design team I'm going to try out for. (Wish me luck!)
The single-elimination tournament was Sunday. We had the #1 seed!!! Our first game was delayed quite a bit, but it was worth the wait. One of our players hit not one, but TWO out of the park homeruns. Kevin is really good friends with Ethan and his mom was my best friend in school (I don't remember ever NOT knowing her!). It was so fun watching the team meet him at homeplate!I missed my favorite moment of the day when Kevin and a teammate chest-bumped each other in the outfield after the teammate made a great catch. These kids are so fun to watch.
After winning the first game by a landslide, the second game - the championship - was much closer. We one 24-20. Whew! It's so much more fun when you go home with hardware!I feel bad that Blake seems to be missing from this update, but he was on the sides with us cheering his brother on. We didn't leave the ballpark until 9:00, so we missed out on the family 4th of July cook out. We could have swung by for fireworks, but we were all too exhausted and just wanted to eat and head home. We did catch fireworks in the sky practically the whole ride home though.
Today was father/sons day at the pool. I stayed home and scrapbooked. ;)


Lisa said...

Wow Amy looks like you have been super busy! LOVE your new picture and good luck on the DT try out! I'm rooting for you!

Melanie said...

What a busy weekend! It sounds pretty exciting though. Kevin looks great in his uniforms. How fun that he is doing so well in his tournaments.

Love the headshot :)

deana said...

I'm wishing you luck! Have you heard anything yet?