Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend Concert (a.k.a. Nathan Followill if I were single...part 2)

Thanks to my sister Kaitlin (number 5 of 6), Tom and I headed off to Cincinnati for the Kings of Leon concert on Saturday. That's Kaitlin in the navy plaid on the right next to my sister Ashley (#3) in the pit at the concert. And that's my foot showing the distance from me in ROW 5 (!!!!) to the stage.
And we can't forget my youngest sister Molly and her boyfriend Jacob who sat at the end of the row behind us. (Isn't she cute?) Jacob is a KoL fan. I never knew he had such great taste in music!
And we are. Tom doesn't like the Kings of Leon. Tom really doesn't like most of the music I listen to. But he likes me. So when Kate asked him to take me the concert, he said he would. :)The Whigs (from Athens, GA) were the opening act. I only knew one of their songs before the concert. They didn't sing that song! I liked them though. The lead singer was quite entertaining. The guy on the left had the prettiest hair I've ever seen on a man. The drummer was amazing, but reminded me of Shawn White the snowboarder. (My sister Ashley went home with one of his drumsticks!)I recently fell in love with the music of The Black Keys. LOVE them! I danced and sang (much to Tom's delight, I'm sure!) through their WHOLE set. It was pure entertainment. Did I mention that I LOVE them? I especially loved that they sang my favorite song, "Howlin' for You."
And "Next Girl" that I enjoy singing to Blake. And "Tighten Up" that I enjoy singing with Kevin.
Finally it was time for KoL to take the stage. Even though I saw them last September in Noblesville, IN, I had never seen them TAKE THE STAGE. (We got there late last time!)
Song number ten was my favorite KoL song, "Charmer." Poor Tom was probably wishing I'd lost my voice by then!Two more of my favorites were back to back, "Sex on Fire" and "On Call."
And FINALLY I captured a shot (although blurry) of Nathan blowing a bubble!
Sigh.And then I caught him singing that he could "Use Somebody." Like me? hahahaBetween every song, it looked like Nathan was putting an ice pack on his right shoulder. But from the sound of the music, you never would have thought anything was wrong. The show was great. The encore amazing. It was a good exit, too.
And then I left with my husband who was sweet enough to take me and listen to me for 3-1/2 hours.


Melanie said...

How much fun!! You are so lucky to have a DH that will go with you to a concert YOU love. What a blast :)

Erica said...

Fun memories Amy!

deana said...

What a fun night... love Kings of Leon! :-)