Monday, May 9, 2011

3 Days of Baseball - YAY!

I had the perfect Mother's Day (again) this year. I was at a ballpark watching one of my boys play ball. Does it get any better than that?

Well, it might have been better if Kevin's travel team won, but we were just happy to be playing together again. It was their first kid-pitch tournament since moving up. Going 0-3 in their first tournament was quite the change after going 23-0 as all-stars in Rookie League last year. But...they got some good experience. And, Kevin had fun.

After two days of ball in Indiana, it was good to have a league game at our home fields tonight with Blake. They broke their losing streak and won 5-1 in an extra inning.I'm so proud of both of my boys. Their love of the game of baseball is infectious.

I am so blessed to be their Mom. Kevin held my hand as we walked from the truck tonight to the ball field. Then Blake came by and kissed me before his game. I treasure my time with them.

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