Friday, July 8, 2011

3 Days in July...

July 2, 3, 4...

6 games...

2 different ballparks...

Crossing six different counties in Kentucky...

Spending 6.5+ hours in the car driving back and forth...

But, there isn't anything I'd rather be doing. In case you haven't noticed, I'm Blake & Kevin's biggest fan.

For Blake, it was the Little League District Tournament in Lebanon, KY. He had made the all-star team. It was his last year of Little League. He caught all six innings of our game on Saturday and did a great job.

I have to admit, I thought the 1st base coach was kind of hot. (Yes, that is MY HUSBAND!)I love this photo of Tom and Blake at 1st. Blake had just slid back to home. He was the dirtiest kid on the team. No one even came close to beating him!

Unfortunately, the team allowed too many runs in one inning. We fought back and came back with a lead of 12-10 going into the bottom of the sixth inning. Then we gave up three runs. We were put into the loser's bracket and would play again on Monday.

Meanwhile in Flaherty, KY...Kevin was playing his first game of the tournament. Before heading to Blake's game, we'd pawned Kevin off on the family of one of his teammates. I was getting text updates our whole (1 hr. 20 min.) drive to the game. Kevin made an outstanding dive in right field to snag a ball and keep his team in the tied game. But, they finally lost by one run.

We made it in time to see game 2. They won!!!

On Sunday, their single-elimination tournament started. Slam was ready.
They came out and won their first game of the day.

I love it when Kevin catches. (Can you tell he wants to be like his big brother?)

Unfortunately, Slam lost one game shy of the championship game.

On Monday, we woke up to rain. Ugh. But, it seemed to have gone around Lebanon. Blake's game started on schedule. I was happy to see them introduce the players for this game. They deserved it.
We wanted to win. We had to win. It was double elimination.
Blake took a pitch to the head and was walked. There's a reason for those batting helmets! Still, he said it hurt pretty bad. I caught him rubbing his head on 3rd...
When they switched pitchers early in the game, they also switched out catchers. Blake was moved to left field and later to 3rd.

On third, he snagged back to back balls to throw the runner out at 1st. (That's my boy!)
I loved seeing the pitcher congratulate Blake on his plays. However, the mood soon changed as our team couldn't battle enough to make up for the runs they had allowed in previous innings. We lost the game by two and were out of the tournament.

Blake's team isn't playing this weekend, but Kevin's Slam will travel to New Albany, Indiana. Hopefully we can kick some Hoosier butt over there and bring home a trophy.


Melanie said...

LOVE the dialogue! Who needs to scrap when you have a great blog post like this :)

You are a true baseball-mom! Your boys will always remember the support you and Tom gave to them.

Lindsey said...

ha ha love Mel's comment! Jadyn started t-ball a few weeks ago and I often think of you and your boys as I sit and watch. I can't imagine him as a teenager playing yet, but I know that day will soon be here!