Monday, August 8, 2011

Back to School...

School started last Wednesday. Our boys were ready to get going that first morning. We are lucky to have two boys that enjoy school.

We posed for our traditional "1st day" photos. One with Mom and one with Dad. I believe this is the last year I'll be taller than Blake!

The boys both had a great day. They liked their teachers and were happy to see all their friends again. The high school schedule changed this year and I am later getting home, so I missed seeing Blake get off the bus this year. (For some reason, they were on different busses the first day.) I got to see Kevin though. This kid just makes me smile!

Three days were easy to get through last week. This week we have a FULL, FIVE day week. I think we'll survive though!


Addie said...

Great pictures! 5 day weeks sound terrible!:) Gabe doesn't start school until the 29th and goes 4 days a week with fridays off!

Melanie said...

Ah! I think Blake just might be taller than you :) Great 1st day photos . . . hope you are surviving the week.