Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kite Flying

Yesterday was a perfect day for kit flying! Blake's Cub Scout Pack had their monthly meeting at the lake and it was fun seeing everyone's choice of kite. I took the boys to pick out their kites. Blake chose a big shark shaped kite. Kevin went for a smaller "Cars" kite that came in a little pouch he could hook on his belt loop (and his was "no assembly required"!). The first picture is the boys showing off their new sunglasses. No, Blake isn't mad - he's trying to look tough!
Can you see the "shark" outline in the sky above Blake? Somehow I managed to get a picture of just our two boys in field. Really, there were a lot of other kids there, too!We had a great first two days of spring break - BEAUTIFUL weather! Now there is a chance of rain for the rest of the week. :(

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