Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I have been a member of a monthly scrapbook kit club, Personal Scrapper, for a few years. Erica, the owner, puts together the best assortment of the newest supplies. I have enjoyed participating in several of their contests and online crops. They give the best prizes! I was excited when they introduced a new “Survivor” challenge. Everyone who knows me knows how competitive I am! How could I not participate in an attempt to “out crop, out scrap, and out last”??? The game has gone from 25 to the final four and I’m one of the remaining four!!! Here’s a rundown of the weeks’ challenges:

Week 1: I was assigned another member’s layout to lift. (Wrapped in love)

Week 2: Originally we were divided into two teams and each team chose a theme for a layout - we did "family". Then I had to create a layout based on a sketch drawn by another member.

Week 3 was a little harder! (1) We had a team challenge assignment to make a layout using something red, something from the kitchen and either paint or ink. I used a cookie cutter to trace out the trees for my christmas cookie layout.

(2) We had to make our own creation out of chipboard. I made my own stars. (6th Man)

(3) I was supposed to scrap something “current”, it happened to be Feb. 29 the day I was working on this, so I scrapped that day. It doesn’t get any more current than that!

(4) We had a “progressive layout” challenge where we were given supplies to add to the layout every day.
(5) For the “create your own stamp” layout, I used a empty roll of ribbon. I dipped it in paint and stamped the background design on my page. I continued the circle theme throughout which was appropriate for Rolie Polie Olie. (You loved Rolie Polie Olie)

(6) We also had a progressive layout challenge. Every couple of days we were asked to add an item to the layout.

For immunity this week, we were given a list of supplies to use. We could ONLY use the items listed. I was able to complete 14 layouts and won immunity! (I’m not going to post all 14 of them though!)

Week 4: For the “game on!” challenge we were inspired by a favorite board game. (Sorry!)

The spring ahead challenge was to scrap a future goal.

For immunity, we had two challenges…A before and after layout and a layout where we created a brad design.

Week 5 brought on the "all about me" challenge - I had to create five layouts about myself. I really liked four of them. I'll spare you my 1994 Halloween costume layout! I scrapped about a gown I got in high school and still have (the gown). I took some silly self-portraits and created a layout to document my crazy car singing. (rock star) My two favorites were a fun "girly" layout with a self portrait and added a flower to my hair (a) and one simple one with shots of my childhood toys.

For immunity, we had to submit a white space layout. I won!!! ( i {heart} u)

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nw said...

I love this picture of you - and the boys. You have done a terrific job or should I say creation. Now you need to do something about Green Bay, that is the only thing lacking - just kidding. Love your work.