Monday, February 2, 2009


We were hit with an unbelievable ice storm last Monday night. We lost power at 9:40 am last Tuesday. Today is Monday - we are on day 7 without power. Luckily we had our gas fireplace and never lost water, although we only had freezing cold water. We lost everything in the fridge and freezer, of course. I know we were luckier than a lot of people and thankfully we eventually had a warm place to go. Still our electric company alone has over 100,000 customers still without power.

Thursday night my parents got their power back on, so we have been staying over there. The boys enjoyed the sleepovers the first couple of nights, but now we all really miss our own beds. The weather warmed up yesterday and the ice is all melted. They are calling for an inch of snow tonight. No ice though!

I am at my aunt's house to use the internet right now. When everything is up and running at home, I have some incredible ice pictures to post.

Stay warm everyone!


Lynette said...

Hey...that is terrible. I am thinking of you and trusting that this will be over soon.

Mel said...

So glad to know you have somewhere warm to go. Isn't it amazing how we appreciate our everyday conveniences when we realize what it's like when they're gone?