Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I know I am blessed...

We often get lost in the routine of the every day, but tonight I had some alone time with this great kid - my firstborn. Kevin had his last basketball game tonight which conflicted with Blake's Cub Scout meeting. Usually when we split into different directions, Blake goes with Tom and I have Kevin. Since Tom was coaching Kevin's team, I was on Cub Scout duty.

It's rare that Blake and I have time alone without Kevin. It was a quiet drive to town tonight, but after some events over the past few days, I had been reminded how great he is - and I'm not being biased!

Blake came home with his progress report - all As. I've always known he's smart, but now he's working hard and doing what we've known he's capable of producing. Saturday he'll compete with the academic team in Governor's Cup competitions.

I received an email from his religious education teacher telling me that she enjoys having Blake in class. He's a "very smart and polite young man." That made me feel really good. He's 10. I've volunteered at school and have seen how most 10 year olds act. It's good to know that when I drop him off every Wednesday night, that he's acting like he should.

At the end of Cub Scouts tonight, another mother complimented Blake. As a parent, that makes you feel like you are doing something right.

To enjoy our 'alone' time tonight, I thought I'd treat Blake to an ice cream cone at Baskin Robbins. But when we drove by, the store was PACKED. On to Steak & Shake we went for a shake, but their drive through was LONG. I asked if there was anything else he wanted and he said Sushi. Yes...sushi! That was fine with me if he'd split the California Roll with me! I tried to call in advance, but was put on hold until we pulled into the parking lot. Once inside we found out they were short-handed and there would be a 25 minute wait.

So, being the good kid he is, Blake told me we could just go to McDonald's. I bought $1 sundaes for all three of my guys and they ate them together when Blake and I got home.

Earlier this week, I scrapped a couple of 8x10 photos (above and below) that we'd enlarged to use on Blake's posters when he ran for 4-H President earlier in the year. He didn't win, but he ran a good campaign and had a couple of great looking posters.
Last night I scrapped this layout for Blake, too. The photos are from field day at school last May.

Blake still asks me to come to school for programs and hugs me when I arrive and leave. I've heard those days may be numbered (public affection with Mom). However, I hope we can keep a close relationship so that he's never ashamed to hug me in public!


Lynette said...

You are really creating memories here Amy!

Erica said...

Amy -
I have a very similar relationship with my oldest son too! It is rare we get alone time together but when we do I treasure it. It is nice to get one on one time with all of them! Great layouts!

Mel said...

What an awesome young man you have there! Can you move to WA so he and Miranda can date in 6 years?? :)

I love that you wrote about all of your feelings. It is something that he will always treasure.