Sunday, February 22, 2009

I finished all the challenges!

Last weekend Personal Scrapper had an online crop. I was able to finish all 15 challenges. (Yay me!) My youngest sister, Molly, would kill me if I posted a 2-page layout I did of some of the silly faces she makes, so that one is saved for the album.

Speaking of Molly, I should dedicate "idk" to her. She is the texting queen. When Erica posted the 'texting' challenge, I thought of her. Then I saw this photo of Kevin in my box and thought, "I don't know what..." and a layout was born. He's one funny kid! The scraplift challenge was easy (to choose). I decided to lift PaigeR. She has the most interesting style. I like to tease her for her one photo layouts, but I only do it because I'm jealous. :) The photo for "love ya, Bro" was altered. I think the story makes this page: "love ya, Bro...Kevin says in passing. Blake stops to say, 'Kev, I remember the first time I saw you in teh hospital. I knew I loved you.'" THAT is why I scrapbook!
When this owl paper by Pink Paislee came out last fall, I HAD to HAVE it. Then it sat...and sat...until Erica challenged us to use an animal on our layout. If you count Kevin, I used two here. Like the play on words in my title? know, like HOOO(T) says the owl. ;)
The next page just makes me think "good times", but thanks to Terry we already overuse that phrase enough in our house. So, I worked my title around a "thinking of you" tag. I am alway thinking of my boys. They are pretty special. This was for an altered photo challenge. Like my editing skills?
For the "mix up your kits" challenge, I mixed the January kits with February for this "Introducing...fat cat" page. This is my sister Kaitlin and her Maine Coon cat, Chase. He's the biggest cat I've ever seen! And...he's the biggest "scared-y" cat you'll ever see, too! My mom calls him her "grand-kitty." We were also challenged to tell a story about something we love. Well, I love Kevin's little hands. I used the sheet out of the February kit that I liked the least (too pink and glittery - I have BOYS!) for my base and made a page that I LOVE. In Cub Scouts, Kevin traced his hand onto clay to make an "I love you" sign that became a Christmas ornament. Now I'll always have his precious hand. :)
Oh...and we had to make cards from scraps. I am so not the card maker...
"Tiffany's Journey" is actually page one of two. Page two is waiting for me to finish journaling about my cousin's battle with cancer and how it personally affected me.
In December, my sister Lindsey married Brandon. (Yes, one of us is missing from this shot...Kaitlin, see above with cat!...she was off on her co-op for school.) You know you are accepted into the family when you make my scrapbook! I used new PaperTrunk paper for this page.
There was a sketch challenge that I altered a little. In the sketch, none of the photos were touching, but I for some reason feel compelled to always "smoosh" my pics together. I loved the title on this one: "My life is just ducky". Get it? They are feeding ducks! I just crack myself up sometimes!
"Live your life just for today" completed my die-cut-paper challenge. I used some Prima "Dude" paper for this page and the next. They just happened to arrive on my doorstep thanks for a special friend.
Are you ready for this one? Really ready? "Rock On"...they are skipping I great with words or what???
And so I was on a roll...for this photo of Kevin looking at me upside down..."Without you, my life would be UPSIDE DOWN." (No explanation required, right?)
I'm slowly trying to overcome the above-mentioned "photo smooshing" problem. For this one, I matted the photos...and then smooshed them together. You will probably see more of this! "3rd grade awards" with Blake.
Yes, I have a sister named Adriane. Unfortunately we don't use the phrase "yo, Adriane!" enough, so I used it as a title. This was at Molly's graduation. I have no idea what Kevin is doing - just being Kevin? He adores Adriane.
It was a productive crop. Thanks Personal Scrapper!


Lynette said...

Wow finished all 15 challenges and the layouts are gorgeous.

JoyNJesus said...

you go girl!!!!

Erica said...

Wow Amy - I have not been able to get through the gallery yet so i haven't seen some of these layouts. Awesome job! Love the one dedicated to Tiffany too.