Saturday, October 2, 2010

I scrapped and other random things...

I am finally starting to feel better and get out a bit. Wednesday night I went out with my guys for dinner before we dropped the boys off at church. Thursday I had to have bloodwork done at the hospital and then made a few stops with my Mom. Friday of course was follow up day with the doctor. Before my appointment, Tom and I ran a few errands.

In Target I found brown napkins that I thought would work in our formal dining room. Last year I recovered the seats of our dining room chairs in a pattern I LOVE. However, I've been so indecisive about what to put with them on the tabletop. I ended up getting cream placements with the hopes of some day adding napkins. I didn't see any napkins I liked at Target. The trouble is that the pattern on the chairs has some blue in it. But, I didn't really want anything else blue in the room. I take my blue in small does. We still had some time before my appointment, so I had Tom stop at Pier 1. It was there that I found my napkin rings.Our formal dining room is finally complete! Well, except for window coverings...But I've convinced myself that we don't need them.
Yesterday I decided to stop taking my pain medication. Today I attempted to clean out my closet. Not sure why, but I attempted it. About halfway through my neck really started to hurt. And I had the sudden urge to nap. Now I have a mess in my master bath - clothes everywhere. And, I'm back on my pain medication at least for tonight.

Oh, did I mention I scrapped? I finished this 8-1/2"x11" layout the other night. It's for my personal album and uses random shots from Christmas with my family. Yes, most of the shots are photos of my sisters acting stupid. We do that. I used the Echo Park "Everybody Loves Christmas" line. Hope you are enjoying your weekend. My boys are officially on fall break now! I'll have them for company every day this week. Yay!


Addie said...

Hello! Love your napkin rings! They're beautiful! Your layouts look good too!

Lynette said...

I love the napkin rings...they are so beautiful. You are supposed to take it easy and recuperate...there will be lots of time to sort out things once you are healed.


Melanie said...

Love these layouts! That EP paper is too fun :)

The corrugated letters look great on that layout. I really like the different alphas you used.