Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day #2...

Hopefully today was the last snow day for a while! I made the most of my time and enjoyed scrapping while the boys played video games.

"Nothing beats a cup of cocoa on a cold winter's day" might be my longest title ever! I used scraps from my January Polka Dot Whimsy kit for this layout. I am still cutting individual letters out of that keyboard patterened paper by Bella Boulevard. :)
I received a photo order from Shutterfly yesterday. I had taken advantage of their 99 prints for 99 cents sale last week. With a fresh supply of photos, I wanted to get some stories down on layouts before I forgot some of the details.
"16 cents" tells the story of my Christmas gift from Kevin this year. He was upset that he didn't have a gift for me for Christmas, so I gave him $12 and showed him some things in Archiver's that I'd like. I told him to pick out one or two things (all under $5 each) and then I went to wait by the door. He came out all smiles with the bag tucked inside his coat. Then on the way home he commented that he had three things for me. AND that the sales lady was nice enough to give him 16 cents! My boy is too good at math and wanted to spend all of the money on me, but hadn't considered tax! I wish I had known this before we left the store so I could have repaid the nice lady. I guess it's a good thing Kevin is so cute!
He even wrapped the package himself when he got home. The chipboard accents I used on my layout were one of my gifts from him. The alphas were another.
I added Glossy Accents to some of the details on my layout to add dimension.
I also scrapped Kevin delivering gifts to the neighbors on Christmas Eve. I love mixing alphas in my titles.
School is ON for tomorrow. By the time we get back into a routine, it will be time for our 3-day weekend!


Melanie said...

You did all of this today? You amaze me :) Love the layouts . . . the 16 cents is such a cute story :)

Addie said...

Aww, so sweet of Kevin! What a good story! You're just whippin' out the layouts! I love that last one, so cute!

Amy said...

Great layouts. I love your story about the 16 cents so adorable.

Lynette said...

I agree with are amazing!