Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nathan Followill, if I were single...

I have to admit, I have a crush. Yes, I'm a wife and mother of two, but I am in love with the oldest Followill brother and drummer of the Kings of Leon - Nathan Followill.

My sister and I drove over three hours to see them at the Verizon Wireless Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana last night. Although we had a bit of "excitement" on the way (an hour and a half into the trip we realized the tickets were on her fridge AT HOME!!!), we FINALLY made it. (Thankfully the Music Center assured us over the phone, after we'd already turned around to head back, that they could reprint our tickets when we got there.)

We had to take quite a hike to get around to the box office, but we finally got our new tickets and entered the music center just as the first song, "Crawl" started. We got to our seats - in row AA in the LOWER LEVEL!!! - just in time to hear them start one of my most favorite KoL songs, "Charmer."
We had great seats!!!
And I took too many photos.

But hey, it was hard to get a good one of Nathan with all the moving around he was doing drumming! I liked this one though... He's singing "On Call" for me.
It was kind of hard to get a good shot with that cymbal in the way! Still, I'd swear he was looking right at ME in this shot. (He's probably wondering why that crazy 34 year old was taking so many pictures!) I told my sister, I would be a happy girl if I could see him blow a bubble - as in gum. He's a gum chewer and for some reason I get the biggest kick out of seeing him blow bubbles. Well, I saw several of them, but had trouble getting a photo of it! I think in all the excitement, I may have shaken my camera too much!Here's my version of "blue light special"...Oh and the grand finale after the encore...I got to see him stand up and walk off. Check out those arms....Sigh.OK...Now, I'm home and settling back into wife and mommy mode. And listening to KoL. And patiently waiting for their next tour.


Angela said...

I just offically discovered them this week and already bought two of their albums. I am so into caleb and totally jealous you had awesome seats. :D I love an awesome concert.

deana said...

How FUN! I bet that was an awesome show! :-)