Thursday, November 4, 2010



How is it possible that my BABY is nine today??? I can't even begin to explain all the joy this little guy brings into our lives. He is the kindest person I have ever met and I'm so blessed to have him for a son.

Kevin is artistic, a thinker, so considerate, hilarious, very literal (!!! - which can add to the hilarious part!), energetic...just an all around great kid. And boy can he put the food away!

Last night when I was tucking him into bed, he scooted over and said, "Hey Mom, I'll scoot over so you can snuggle with an 8 year old for the last time." I almost cried. Then he continued to tell me that he loves being the youngest so we can do all the "last time" stuff together.

I get a little emotional thinking about the "last time" things. Some of them I haven't realized until they were over.

Kevin used to sleep with a snail blanket from Gymboree that we received as a gift when he was born. He slept with it nearly every night unless it was in the wash. He'd wrap it around his shoulders almost like you would a scarf. That continued even after he started school. Then I noticed after one washing that it didn't go back on his bed. I had missed the last time.

Kevin's playtime used to revolve around the Fisher-Price Little People. He called them "my people" and would line them up and play with them and their farms, garages, airports, etc. for hours. After picking them up in the basement one day, I noticed later that they never came back down off the shelf. That is until they were lined up and used for target practice with the nerf guns. Poor, poor Little People.

Kevin loved animals from Build-A-Bear. He ended up with a good little group of 4 that would rotate turns sleeping with him. He'd change their clothes from one sports uniform to another and then into pjs every so often. One would be tucked under his arm every night. Now they are all together in a basket on the other side of his room. I didn't realize the last time I tucked one in with him.

I am going to savor every time he opens a door for me. I'm going to enjoy every time he reaches for my hand when we are out in public. I still feel a tug at my heart when he "slips" and calls me Mommy instead of Mom. I am going to listen for the "hmph" that escapes his mouth when I snuggle him tight. I am going to love every minute I am blessed to spend with this little boy. All too soon, he will be a man.

But, he will always be MY baby.


Addie said...

Aww this post is so sweet and makes me sad with Gabe recently turning 9 too! Happy Birthday Kevin!
Gabe could not be without the blanket, so we had 3 identical so while one was in the wash, he'd still have one! He still sleeps with the blanket and freaks when he finds in the dryer instead of on his bed! It's been a big security for him since he was really little.
And the little people story made me laugh! And we also have 4 build-a-bear animals living with us that don't get much love anymore! You also made me realize we did hold hands the other day going into a store...I hope it's not the last time! Oh now I need a tissue!

~Joy-N-Jesus~ said...

wow! Happy Birthday! Great post! Love the picture! So cute!`

Amy said...

Aww this is a great post and it made me a little weepy but in a good way. I hope you have a great day with Kevin.

Erica said...

Happy Birthday Kevin! Cameron will be 9 in August so a little bit behind you & Gabe. Hope you have a fun time celebrating!

Star Rork said...

Aww dont they grow way to fast! Hope he had a great day!

Melanie said...

Well, you made me cry with this post :) I love the wonderful things you said about your baby. And how sweet to record the "last times" of things. Lina will be nine next month--they grow up too fast.

deana said...

So sweet, Amy! Time flies by WAY too fast...