Sunday, November 21, 2010

Turkey Time!

It's family turkey time!

Both of my boys brought home a turkey to decorate/dress up for Thanksgiving. Kevin's grade is giving out prizes for most creative, funniest, etc.

Kevin came up with an Elivis-themed turkey.

He had it all sketched out for me. We used my Sticles (scrapbook supply) to color in the feathers. We cut a shirt and sunglasses out of cardstock and also glittered them up. I had to draw the star and write Elvis on the shirt for him. We cut "blue suede shoes" out of fabric and I stitched laces on them for him. The guitar was a sticker. Oh, and we added a gold ribbon "scarf." The cardstock hair and sideburns looked a little bland, so I cut a piece of Blake's Halloween wig so Elvis would have some "real" hair and sideburns. :)
Good luck, Kevin!
Blake went a more predictable route - for Blake - a Boston Red Sox turkey. (I'm still not sure how Kevin came up with Elvis!)
Blake's turkey required less parental help. I help him cut out the shirt, hat, ball, glove and cleats. It's amazing what you can do with vellum - it's great for tracing over things and then using as a template!
The winner in Blake's class gets a free lunch from a local drive in. He really wants to win that prize!
"Turkey Day" is just around the corner!!! Four more days! But, only two more days of school. Yay!!!


Melanie said...

What a fun project! Your boys are pretty creative--wonder where they got that from? ;)

My kids are counting down the days to Thanksgiving as well!

Lindsey said...

Those are sooo cute! The Elvis idea is pretty original! Good luck to them, I hope they win!!