Sunday, June 13, 2010

Baseball Weekend...

The weekend started off on a good note...
Kevin made the 8 year old all-star team. Yay, Big Kev!
Saturday was a long day at the ballpark. Blake had all-star tryouts. (Team won't be announced until Wednesday.) Then he had a make-up game.
He got to pitch...
And catch...I think he was in heaven even though they didn't win.
Blake hadn't pitched in a game since last summer. I could see a big difference from last year to today. He's really matured. He was a lot more patient and he relaxed. I think that helped make it fun.
It was fun for me reviewing my photos from today. (I had over 75!) I loved seeing the determination on his face. And his tongue! It must play some big part in his form. It was sticking out in most of the photos!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. On Sunday we will REST!

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Melanie said...

Love those expressions!

And I like your new blog design--it's inspired me to change mine (hopefully that will happen sometime this year) LOL