Monday, June 21, 2010

Whoa...another (gone) weekend already?

I can't believe another week has passed and the month of June is almost over! I have so many photos from the last week to share...

Blake and I cut some hydrangeas last week to bring inside. I love how they look in my great-grandmother's antique pitcher. I smile every time I walk by my dining room and see them. It's been several days and they still look beautiful.
Kevin has been taking swim lessons three days a week with the American Red Cross in town. Blake and I really enjoyed his diving "skills." Either he'd do a canonball or belly flop! It didn't matter how well his technique was going in, he'd somehow manage to go in a completely different way!3/4 of our family went swimming on Friday afternoon at my sister's pool. It's been miserable here lately! Temps are in the mid-90s with a heat index of over 100 almost every day. The pool felt REALLY nice.Blake worked with Kevin on his swimming. And they played around a fair amount, too.
Saturday and Sunday, Kevin's 8 year-old all-star team traveled to Jeffersonville, Indiana for a baseball tournament.
Highlight of the day: The team went undefeated in pool play on Saturday.
Lowlight of the day: My car was hit with a baseball in the parking lot. Although Sunday was Father's Day, our family spent the day going in separate directions. Tom took Blake to Camp McKee (2-1/2 hours from here) for Boy Scout Camp. He'll be gone until we pick him up on Friday night. (It's been 36 hours since I've seen him and I miss him terribly!)
Kevin and I headed back to Indiana for the tournament. Kevin got to play catcher and he did a really good job! The heat was killer, so the team rotated between three catchers. All that gear is hot! Once again, the team went 2-0. Yay!!! We brought home hardware!Today Kevin wrapped up his swim lessons. I am so proud of him.
Not too long ago he was terrified of the water. Now, he happily jumps off the diving board and swims to the side on his own.
Have a great week!


Lisa said...

Wow! YOu've been busy, sorry about your car though! Love your blog "make over"!

Addie said...

Beautiful hydrangeas! Sounds like a great weekend! Sorry about your car!