Sunday, June 6, 2010

May wrap up...

May was a crazy one for this family! In addition to league ballgames (sometimes three nights a week), Kevin played travel ball three weekends. We also had the usual end-of-the-school-year wrap up.

We were proud to experience Blake's first Court of Honor in Boy Scouts. Twice a year they do awards. This time he was awarded his Scout badge and a merit badge for mechanics. He's really, really close to getting his second advancement already. He's only been in Boy Scouts since mid-March. He's really committing himself to it and we are so proud of him!
Kevin's awards day at school was extra special this year. He was awarded the Citizenship Award! (Only two kids in each class get this.) It was great to hear that he's such a good student and so considerate of others. In addition to the Citizenship award, Kevin also earned a Star Achievement Award (for setting and completing goals), the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Award, the Math Award, Outstanding Achievement in Reading (3rd overall in Accelerated Reading points!), and a Ceritificate of Appreciation for respecting others. We were also given Kevin's standardized test scores and were pleased to see how quickly his scores are improving. In the past, Kevin sometimes had trouble with written tests while he could master them verbally. His love of reading has really helped with that! I also have to brag on his Math skills. They had "rocket math" in his class that would time math skills for 1 minute to see if you could accomplish your goal. Kevin quickly mastered addition and subtraction and moved on to multiplication before anyone else in his class. At the end of the year, he was still ahead of everyone doing DIVISION!!! Only one other student had also mastered multiplication and moved on to division with him.
Memorial Day weekend was a welcomed little break at the end of the school year. (Even though the students only had two more days to attend after the holiday!)
Blake's Boy Scout troop had a fundraiser at Big Lots selling hot dogs. Blake really enjoyed that activity. He loved working the grill!That afternoon, we headed up to Jeffersonville, Indiana for a baseball tournament with Kevin's travel team. They were 1-1 in pool play. After dinner on the river, the boys and I enjoyed the Louisville skyline across the river. We returned for the second day of the tournament in New Albany. Kevin's team again went 1-1, but didn't place in the tournament. Blake may have found his calling as a sports announcer though! He sat in the score tower and announced players for both teams. He did really well.On Memorial Day, we had a chance to go swimming at my sister Lindsey's house with Reese. You'll see these photos scrapped soon!
OK, technically my May wrap up goes into June...
Blake's 5th grade graduation was June 1st. I knew they were doing a slide show showing a current photo compared to a baby photo. I was prepared for that. What I wasn't prepared for was Rascal Flat's "My Wish" playing during the show. Yes, I cried. Blake received the President's Education Award for his grades. He also was awarded a medal for Honor Roll and received participation certificates for the academic team, Governor's Cup, and the Strike Percussion ensemble. I cant' believe I'm going to have one in middle school this fall!
With the first week of June over, we are preparing for the end of baseball season and all-star tryouts at the end of the week.
Happy June everyone!


Erica said...

Wow you have a lot to be proud of Amy! We still have 1 week and a half til schools out here.

Melanie said...

What a great wrapup post! I feel like I've been a part of all the awards and celebrations :)

Congrats to the boys on all of their awards--amazing!