Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Following in little bro's footsteps?

Last spring at the boys' annual eye exam, we found out Kevin needed glasses.

This year at our annual eye exam, we found out Blake needed the same prescription Kevin had LAST YEAR. Kevin's eyes changed a bit, so he needed a stronger prescription. Thanks to one hour service, the boys came home with their glasses last night. Blake is thrilled with his new glasses.
He picked out a cool pair for school:And a pair with 180 degree hinges on the sides for his sports and camping trips. Oh, and we purchased a warranty for both pairs!With Kevin's prescription changing also, he got to do a little shopping of his own, too. He picked out a cool pair of black frames (his favorites): And got a second pair in a bronze finish, too:

Although we had to make several trips to the eye doctor for minor repairs to Kevin's glasses (and one replacement for the pair that was split in half...boys!), Kevin has been very responsible with his glasses.

We hope Blake will be, too!


Lynette said...

They look very handsome with their glasses.

Sheila Mayden said...