Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wrapping up spring break - Kentucky's Bourbon Country style...

Friday Tom took the day off work to spend with us on our last "school day" of spring break. We planned to tour Maker's Mark (yes, another Bourbon distillery). It's near Bardstown where we used to live and one of the places we always talked about going, but never did.

So, we set out on our way with directions in (my) hand.

After stopping at the bank, we headed toward New Haven and were well on our way. The next thing I knew we were passing Lincoln's Boyhood Home. I yelled for Tom to stop. It's another place I've driven past before, but had never visited. I was surprised to find it "on our way."
Kevin had visited the park before on a field trip, so he acted as our guide. He was a very good guide! This kid must really pay attention in school.

Here I am pictured with the boys in front of the valley where the Lincoln's farmed their crops.Tom posed with the boys in front of Knob Creek where Kevin explained young Abraham Lincoln once almost drowned.Shortly after leaving Lincoln's Boyhood Home, I started to notice things looking a bit familiar. I realized we were just outside of Hodgenville. Oops. About 10-12 miles back we missed a turn. So, backtracking we went. Finally we found the proper turn and were on our way. (I won't be surprised if I end up receiving a GPS system for a gift in the near future!)
And to Loretto, Kentucky we arrived. The tour was great and family friendly, too. We were NOT the only ones there with kids! I thought the coolest part of our tour was seeing the bourbon bottles dipped in their signature red wax.I was really impressed with how both boys asked questions and interacted with our guide. Blake was able to answer several questions she threw out, too. (In the photo below, we are standing beside a 12'x12' (yes, 12 FOOT) wooden bucket full of "mash." Kevin thought the smell was disgusting!The tour ended with the adults sampling the bourbon. I should probably note that I am so NOT the bourbon fan. I just like bourbon balls! Tom prefers his bourbon with Coke.
After the tour, we walked around the grounds a bit and followed a couple of trails. The setting there is beautiful. Tom said he wished he lived by this creek:I wished I lived in this house!Blake wished he owned Maker's Mark!
After a nice lunch out, we went to see "How to Train Your Dragon" in 3-D. Both boys thought it was AWESOME. It was the perfect ending to a fun-filled spring break.
Saturday we spent 5 hours at the ballpark. Today we'll be back for four more.
OPENING WEEKEND starts Friday. I'm not sure who in our house is most excited about that. It might be a four-way tie!


Lindsey said...

Great pictures Amy! How cool that you all got to see Abraham Lincoln's childhood home! Isn't there a liquor named Knob Creek too? I think I have heard people talk about it? Sounds like a great Spring Break!!

Melanie said...

This looks like such a fun day! I guess your miss of a turn, turned out for the better :)

You are so good at describing your outing--I feel like I was right there with you experiencing it!