Friday, April 9, 2010

I've been tagged by a blog chain...

I've been tagged - twice! - by Star AND Erica. So, I guess since it's happened twice, I really should participate...

I'm supposed to list 10 things that make me happy, 5 pieces of trivia about myself, and pass this along to five fellow bloggers to continue on the blog chain.

10 Things that make me HAPPY (not in any particular order or a complete list):

  1. Spending time with my boys
  2. the smell of fresh mowed grass
  3. Sleeping in
  4. Having the windows open
  5. knowing that the Kings of Leon are in the studio making album #5 :)
  6. new scrapbook supplies
  7. a new batch of printed photos
  8. stress-free holidays
  9. getting picked up for an idea book (THREE layouts will be in a new Memory Maker's idea book!)
  10. Bourbon Balls

5 pieces of Trivia about myself (that you may or may not already know):

  1. I've never had a cavity.
  2. I have terribly short toes.
  3. I'm afraid of the dark. And water. And bridges. And heights. And needles.
  4. I can't swim. I don't want to learn. See #3. :)
  5. I started back to work in October after staying home for 5 1/2 years - I'm really happy working again even if it means I have to get up and out early in the mornings. (I guess I forgot to mention that I'm SO NOT the morning person!)

I'm supposed to select 5 bloggers to continue this chain. In other blogs, just about every blog friend I have has been selected for this, so I'm just going to ask if you read this and want to participate, link me to your blog in the comments.

Have a great day!

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Addie said...

Great list Amy! I guess I need to listen to the Kings of Leon! And Congrats on no cavities, that is awesome! I've avoided the dentist lately and now have some cavities I'm getting taken care of soon.:( Have a great weekend!