Monday, April 26, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

No, it's not Christmas...It's baseball season!!!
April 16th kicked off opening ceremonies for our baseball league. As the boys say, "It's good to be back!"

This year, both of my nephews participated in the opening ceremonies, too. Dane plays on Kevin's team and Luke will start Weiner League in May.
After opening ceremonies, both of our guys played in the opening game for their leagues. Luckily they were on fields side by side so I could
catch both games. Tom is coaching Kevin's team this year.Friday night wasn't a good night for us - both boys' teams lost. Luckily it was a double-elimination tournament!
We were back on Saturday for games. Blake's team won their first one. This kid loves baseball!
It was fun seeing him interact with his teammates. I love this kid. And his smile. And his deep belly laughs.
Although Blake was playing really well, his team lost their second game on Saturday and were out of the tournament.

Kevin's team won on Saturday and continued play on Sunday. They were playing really well and won the first game on Sunday. Kevin scored the winning run! (Check out the slide in the photo!)This kid gets so excited about playing ball - it looks like he's literally "floating on air" in this shot (below)!
For the second game, they were behind, but came back and forced it into
an extra inning. It was close, but sadly we lost in the semi-finals. It's not bad to finish 3rd out of 7 teams though.

Even though the tournament was over, baseball isn't. We had two games on Monday night and two last Thursday. Kevin's team is 2-0, but Blake's is 0-2. Tonight's games were called for rain.


Lisa said...

Wow, exciting times! My son never got into baseball, in Texas football is the big good that your boys have something they really enjoy!

Erica said...

Amy - we just had a tournament this past weekend! I know where to go when i want inspiration for sports pages! Great pics!

Melanie said...

Love your pictures! It's so fun to see them in action.