Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What a wonderful weekend...

Our Easter weekend kicked off our spring break. (YAY!!!!)
Saturday also doubled as my nephew Luke's 3rd birthday party. He's an April Fool's Day baby, but we celebrated this weekend at a local park. The boys enjoyed playing on the huge playground and eating cupcakes - chocolate, of course!It was cool seeing the four boy cousins stairstepped on the equipment. It was more fun seeing my cute little niece Reese (six months old) on the swings. Isn't she a doll?!? I just love her to pieces!Although we had planned to attend Mass on Saturday night, we opted instead to stay home and watch the NCAA tournament games. Everyone agreed to get up early for 8:00 Mass on Sunday. It worked out well because Saturday night our hands were still stained from coloring eggs.It's so fun to watch the boys get so creative with their eggs. We cut back this year and ONLY colored three dozen eggs.
The Easter Bunny came!!!
Although we stayed up a bit too late on Saturday, we were all up and ready for Mass on Easter. I must also add that my boys were looking quite nice. Kevin's had a suit this year (it's for his First Communion later this month).
Right after Mass, we headed over to Evansville (2 hours away) to visit Tom's mother. We went out for a wonderful lunch and then back to the house for an egg hunt.
The boys LOVE her egg hunts. The eggs have money and candy inside!
We spent the afternoon fishing. It was a beautiful day.
Later in the day, Tom's brother and his family stopped by.

It was the perfect Easter!

This week has been a fun one. Come back for more updates!


Lynette said...

That looks wonderful Amy...I can see lots of pages coming from this weekend.

Melanie said...

I loved reading about your Easter weekend :) Your boys look so handsome!